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May 21, 2014


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I'm Alison Marra

  • Artist, mama, and creativity coach. Welcome to True North, where I share the process of reclaiming my childhood dream of being an artist. Here I document recent projects, celebrate the small beauties of our home life, and offer my thoughts on creative recovery. If you're charting a course towards your own creative true north, I hope you will feel at home here. I treasure your comments and answer every one... so don't hesitate to chime in!
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Changing List of Muses

  • Guiding Your Course To The Gorgeous Life
    ::Hannah Marcotti is more than a muse, she is my guide at the crossroads. I have taken her online courses for the past half a year and have birthed a new more sensual, more unapologetic, more self-directed life for myself as a result::
  • Pixie Campbell
    ::this artist and spiritual renegade's website is where I go when I need a reminder that magic involves boots on the ground. Particularly loving her Outlaw Spirituality video series::
  • StyleLikeU
    ::if this blog and these video profiles of self-determined sartorialists don't make you want to ditch all the rules and dress like YOURSELF, I don't know what will::

Locally Inspiring

  • Mindful Birth NY
    ::A mother lode of birthing resources from innovative doula and childbirth educator Mary Esther Malloy::
  • Patty Chang Anker
    ::book info for Some Nerve PLUS the fabulous Facing Forty Upside Down blog, both written by Patty Chang Anker, who says, "The surprise of my life was that facing fears was a path to joy."::
  • Yoga Free Play!
    ::Monthly sacred movement class with beloved Warrior Rising yoga instructor Sarah Rubin::
  • Rivertown Mamas
    ::educational classes, supportive groups, and inspiration for parents, especially those who are new to the gig. Founder Stephanie Hinkaty and I have been dreaming up a special weekly offering for moms who need a mini-retreat -- more info on that coming soon!::